Tomer and Zyiad: Same age with respective mothers

Right: Israel(2017)\Left: Brussels(1951)

Brother and sister in animated gathering!

Tomer, Lia, Abba ve Ima!

Lia catching up some sleeping...

Lia, Tomer's lovely sister has arrived!!!(26-02-2019)

Tomer's famous smile enhanced by the knowledge he's going to be bestowed upon with a sister and a cousin within the next six months!

Menino lindo do vovo!

More of the same...

With Ima, sabtah and...sister

Enjoyin mother nature with family!(24/11/2018)

With Ima and cousins Baloulou(the one and only) and Lavie😂

Tomer & vovô(the "master builder...") enjoying Tomer's cottage!

Tomer's cottage(after!)

Tomer's cottage(before...)



Getting some literature from sabtah(18/8/2018)

Being spoiled by his cousins(18/8/2018)

The warrior's rest(18/8/2018)

Here he goes!🚗(28/7/2018)

Tomer is ready to his first driving lesson!(28/7/2018)

Tomer at his best(July 2018)

Tomer with vovô and sabtah

The same as bellow

Tomer celebrates USA's Embassy relocation to the Holly City of Urshulim Il Kuds, Israel's Eternal Capital City!

Tomer is fixing something under Saadyia's scrutiny

Tomer at work!

Tomer and vovô

Tomer celebrating our beloved countrie's 70th birthday!

Hatouka, the wolfdog, ready to snatch Tomer's snack...

Tomer and cuisin Alon enjoying their first watermelon

Tomer and Hatouka the wonder dog!

The everlasting smile strikes again!

Tomer and Imale!

Tomer and Abbale!

1rst Purim

Tomer and Vovô!!

Tomer, Sabta, Dod Gal and Doda Caz!

The Smile!!!!!

8\10\2016 Tomer's birthday!( sharing Greatgrandmother Luba's date!)

Some time before...