AngKor Vat - Cambodja(August 2017)

This is the page where  I'll  be sharing with you   my pilgrimages within  Planet Earth  .  Scroll from the bottom  to get it in chronologic order.



Esta e' a pagina onde compartilharei com voce minhas andanças pelo Planeta Terra. O trajeto cronologico começa ao pe' da pagina.



זהו הדף בו אשתף אתכם במסעותי על פני כדור הארץ.   צפו מלמטה ע"מ לקבל את  הסדר הכרונולוגי.תהנו!wow

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Athens Parliament(9/12/2018)

Athens National Gardens(9/12/2018)

Haephestus Temple honoring Hercules and Theseaus(9/12/2018)

Athens vibrating flea market(9/12/2018)

Agios Nektarios-Aegina's imponent church

Sunset in the Island of Aegina, Greece's former capital(8/12/2018)

Selfie with young and nice americanskyies new acquaintances

Poros- partial view

The cute island of Poros(8/12/2018)

Some of Hydra's cast of characters...

The Island of Hydra(8/12/2018)

Athens War Museum(7/12/2018)

Museum of Cycladic Art(7/12/2018)

On top of Lykhavitus Hill- Athens highest panoramic view(7/12/2018)

Piraeus Archeological Museum!!(6/12/2018)

The Port of Piraeus(6/12/2018)

Athens and...Zyiad as seen from Parthenon Hill


Mikhayil Bulgakov(one of Russia Literary Giants & Friend/number one admirer)13/8/2018

Baby Yar-Kyiev(13/8/2018)


London's Jewish Museum(12/8/2018)

Mazal joining tourist and locals in Medieval "Rikudei Am"...(Rochester Castle 11\8\2018)

Rochester's sights and knights(11/8/2018)

Rochester-County of Kent(11/8/2018)

Exploring London with our dear cousin Alejandro(10/8/2018)

Windsor (no trace of Falstaff and the Merry Wives ...)9/8/2018)

Westfield-Stratford(8/8/2018)History on the make! Fantastic gathering between Zyiad, L'Enfant Sauvage & respective wives💂!!

A coupĺe of London Tower's most distinguished tenants(8/8/2018)

Back in London enjoying some more days with our beloved children(8/8/2018)

Our last stop/day in Ireland-Navan's McDonalds(beaultifull old building) 6/8/2018

The same as bellow(5/8/2018)

Malin Point- Ireland Northest tip(5/8/2018)

Malin Point-Donegal(5/8/2018)

Giant's Causeway(4/8/2018)

Derry- Northern Ireland(4/8/2018)

Donegal County at its best(3/8/2018)

Our friend's(Marion & PJ) wonderfull house in Bohillion-Donegal(4/8/2018)

Donegal's sunset!(3/8/2018)

Portumna Castle(2/8/2018)

The city of Galway(2/8/2018)

The Burren(1/8/2018)


Inside Bunratty Castle(1/8/2018)

Bunratty Castle(1/8/2018)

George Boutique Hotel-Limmerick/Ireland(Irish humour at its best! 31/7/2018

The same as bellow

The Cliffs of Moher-Ireland(31/7/2018)

Gallarus Oratory-Dingle Peninsula(30/7-2018)

Atlantic Ocean as seen from Dingle Peninsula(30/7/2018)


Dingle Bay(30/7/2018)

On our way to Dingle-Ireland(30/7/2018)

The Ring of Kerry-Sea of Ireland(29/7/2018)

Kenmare-The Ring of Kerry(29/7/2018)

Sneem-The Ring of Kerry(29/7/2018)


The same as bellow28/7/2018)



English Market-Cork(28/7/2018)

Rock of Cashel(27/7/2017)

The same(27/7/2018)

Kilkenny Castle(26/7/2018)

Kilkenny-Ireland (26/7/2018)

St.Patrick Catedral-Dublin(25/7/2018)

Café, tea and cakes(חבל על הזמן!)with our dear Florence(Graffton Street- Dublin)25/7/2018

St. Stephens Green Park(Dublin)25/7/2018

Fish & Chips(O'Connell Street-Dublin)24/7/2018

Landing in Dublin(24/7/2018)

Lavender &Sunflower farm(Hitchin-22/7/2018)

My son getting ready for another work day

My son's stunning working place(Hammersmith-London 22/7/2018)

Rock Park-Kisrah(7/7/2018)

Beaultifull Haifa-German Colony(Bahai Gardens)29/6/2018

I am a headline

Aeroporto Falconne-Borselino(prior to our journey home )7/4/2018

Taormina 6/4/2018

Caltagirone 5/4/2018

Piazza Armerina/Villa Romana Casale 5/4/2018

Mount Etna 4/4/2018

Siracusa/ Dionisios Ear/3/4/2018

Cefalu 2/4/2018

Corleone 2/4/2018

Acitrezza 1/4/2018

Agrigento 31/3/2018

Enna/Sicily -31/3/2018

This is my first pilgrimage since this website's inauguration.

Dead Sea(December 2017)

Saigon/Ho Chi Min City(August 2017)

Angkor Vat /Cambodia - August 2017

Mekong's Delta- August 2017

There is no video clip yet

Sapa(August 2017)

London's countryside(July 2017)

Cyprus(August 2016)

Cyprus(August 2016)

Tirol(April 2016)

Salzburg(April 2016)

Rome(December 2015)

Rome(December 2015)

Nara(August 2015)

Kyoto(August 2015)

Selfie with our good friend Youichi (Kyoto)("Watachitachi Youichi Okuda haishte mass!"

Hiroshima/Myiajima Island

Tokyo(August 2015)

Tokyo(August 2015)

Posing with Joseph Vossarionovich Dzhugashvilli(Red Square July 2015)


Grand Place\Bruxelles(April 2015)

Malmedy(April 2015)

Bastogne(April 2015)

Rhodes(September 2014)

Rhodes(September 2014)

Santorini (Agust 2014)

Santorini(August 2014)

Jordan (April 2014)

Jordan - Petra (April 2014)

The Island of Kos (September 2013)

The Island of Kos (September 2013)

Victoria\Mahe|Seychelles(August 2013)

Victoria's Market\Mahe\Seychelles(August 2013)

Praslin| cocus reserve\Seychelles(August 2013)

Moyenne Island's Giant Turtles(August 2013)

Belle Ombre\Mahe Island\Seychelles(August 2013)

Source D'Argent Beach\ La Digue Island\Seychelles(August 2013)

The Island of Elba (April 2013)

Pisa(April 2013)

Firenze (April 2013)

Kiev April 2013)

Lisboa\Alfama(August 2012)

Lisboa\Baixa(August 2012)

Castelo de Vide\ bate-papo com nossa Queridissima Dona Maria Luisa Quadrado(August 2012)

Porto\Adega de Vinhos\Gaia(August 2012)

Castelo De Vide(August 2012)

Evora\Capela dos Ossos(August 2012)

Sintra(August 2012)

Rio de Janeiro - Praia de Botafogo(with our friends Ivan e Bia-January 2012)

Rio de Janeiro - Enjoying our friends Ivan Sergio and Bia's hospitality!(January 2012)

Rio de Janeiro(January 2012)

Crete - Knossos 2011

Crete - Fodele (August 2011)

Crete- Khersonisus Anissaras (August 2011)

Malta - Valetta (August 2011)

Malta (August 2011)

Camacha(Ilha da Madeira)-August 2001

Funchal(Ilha da Madeira)-August 2001

The Island of Madeira-August 2001

Firenze - August 1999

Cortina D'Ampezzo - August 1999

Venezia- August 1999

Istambul - December 1998

Istambul - December 1998

Paris-August 1998

Paris - August 1998

Holland - August 1998

Holland - August 1998

Rio de Janeiro - July 1997

Mayorca - August 1995

Mayorca -August 1995

Mayorca - August 1995

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.
I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.